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Free Download Virtual Orchestra Studio Vos Games

Free Download Virtual Orchestra Studio VOS Games

If you love playing music games like O2Jam, you might want to try Virtual Orchestra Studio (VOS), a game that lets you play various instruments on your keyboard. VOS is an old game that was popular in Indonesia before O2Jam or Osu mania. You can download VOS for free from the Internet Archive or watch some gameplay videos on YouTube . In this article, we will introduce you to VOS and show you how to install and play it on your PC.

What is Virtual Orchestra Studio?

Virtual Orchestra Studio (VOS) is a music-playing game developed by HanseulSoft, a Korean company. The game was released in 2003 and was mainly distributed in Indonesia. VOS allows you to play various instruments such as piano, guitar, drums, violin, saxophone, and more on your keyboard. The game has a simple interface and easy controls. You just need to press the corresponding keys on your keyboard when the notes fall down on the screen. The game supports both single-player and multiplayer modes. You can play solo or with your friends online.

Download File:

How to Download and Install Virtual Orchestra Studio?

To download and install VOS, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the Internet Archive page of VOS and click on the "DOWNLOAD OPTIONS" section. You will see several files available for download. Choose the one that says "" and click on it. The file size is about 1.4 GB.

  • Wait for the download to finish and then extract the zip file to a folder of your choice. You will see several subfolders inside the main folder. The one that says "VOS" contains the base game, the one that says "VOS Creator" contains a tool for creating your own songs, and the one that says "Pack Lagu" contains a collection of songs from various genres and languages.

  • To run the game, go to the "VOS" folder and double-click on the file that says "Vos.exe". If you are using Windows Vista or later, you might need to apply a fix for the game to work properly. To do that, go to the "Fix Vista+" folder and copy the file that says "d3drm.dll" to the "VOS" folder.

  • To play the songs from the "Pack Lagu" folder, you need to copy them to the "VOS\Songs" folder. The songs are sorted by genre and language. You can choose from Indonesian, English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and more.

  • That's it! You can now enjoy playing VOS on your PC.

How to Play Virtual Orchestra Studio?

To play VOS, you need to follow these steps:

  • Launch the game by double-clicking on the "Vos.exe" file in the "VOS" folder.

  • You will see a menu with several options. Choose "Play Game" to start playing.

  • You will see a list of songs available for playing. Use the arrow keys to scroll through them and press Enter to select one. You can also use the mouse to click on them.

  • You will see a screen with a keyboard layout and a music sheet. The keyboard layout shows you which keys on your keyboard correspond to which notes on the music sheet. The music sheet shows you the notes that you need to play as they fall down from the top of the screen.

  • Press the keys on your keyboard when the notes reach the bottom of the screen. You will hear the sound of the instrument that you are playing. Try to hit as many notes as possible without missing any. The more notes you hit, the higher your score will be.

  • You can adjust the speed of the notes by pressing F1 or F2. You can also change the instrument by pressing F3 or F4. You can pause or resume the game by pressing Esc.

  • When you finish playing a song, you will see your score and rank. You can also see your accuracy, combo, max combo, perfects, greats, goods, bads, misses, and time.

  • You can play another song by pressing Enter or go back to the menu by pressing Esc.


Virtual Orchestra Studio (VOS) is a fun and challenging music-playing game that lets you play various instruments on your keyboard. You can download VOS for free from the Internet Archive and play hundreds of songs from different genres and languages. You can also create your own songs using the VOS Creator tool. If you love music games, you should definitely give VOS a try.

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