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Who we are

Odyssea yoga studios aim to share practices, experiences, content and training to inspire positive life changes. Founder Georgina Smith serves the wider community of Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire with weekly online and in person classes, monthly hangouts and annual retreats. This nomadic approach was designed to consider the impact on our environment of regular travelling to yoga classes. Become a member of this supportive community and get excited about making sustainable transformations to rekindle happiness, awaken acceptance, connect kindly and realise freedom.


Georgina Smith

Georgina first found yoga in 2011 whilst volunteering in Sri Lanka. On her return to the UK she experimented with a variety of styles to compliment her creative lifestyle. Eventually she found the perfect practice that challenged her with juicy backbends and invigorating inversions. Georgina returned to Sri Lanka in 2017 to complete her yoga teacher training with Quantum Yoga founder; Lara Baumann. Immediately after receiving certification she began her yoga teaching career working at retreat spaces across the island. A few months later, Georgina returned home to the U.K where she built up a full schedule of classes at local yoga studios across Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. She has since been back to Sri Lanka to study alongside and assist her teacher in delivering the 2018 Quantum Yoga Teacher Training course in which she received the 500hr certificate. Completing this 2nd training program gave Georgina the confidence to lead her first international yoga retreat which she now delivers twice yearly. She is most passionate about teaching those students who are also interested in sharing practices that lead to happiness. This wish to inspire others naturally led Georgina to begin working towards teaching her own yoga teacher training programs by continuing to study with the most influential teachers worldwide. Most recently she travelled to Vancouver to train with one of the pioneers of Yin Yoga; Bernie Clark. Georgina is currently studying the science and art of breathing to understand how aligning the body through yoga can deliberately manipulate the flow of breath and the resulting benefits. Book a class with Georgina and you can look forward to her enthusiastic encouragement, inclusive approach and understanding nature.


S H A R E D  E X P E R I E N C E S


"The yoga classes, although sometimes challenging are taught in such a structured, yet relaxed manner, that it doesn’t seem beyond reach by the end of the session."

- Shaun N

Yoga Class