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Transformative Retreats

Odyssea yoga studios plan retreats unlike any others you may have experienced. Instead of retreating as a number in a sea of yoga practitioners you will be immersed into a supportive community of  new friends with common interests. In addition to sharing yoga teachings the emphasis will be on offering adventures just outside of your comfort zone. These challenges aim to connect you with nature or other cultures to encourage personal growth and allow you to gain insights into your own mind. Whatever the current climate of your sky like mind, a yoga retreat with Georgina and co will brighten the forecast. Still unsure if a yoga retreat is for you? Then check out these encouraging words from some of our previous guests:


U P C O M I N G  R E T R E A T S

Sri Lanka

Sunday 6th March - Sunday 13th March 2022

from £650 per person

How do you fancy escaping reality and nourishing your body and mind through a week filled with blissful yoga classes, gorgeous food and tropical surroundings? Prepare to pack your bags and head off on a yoga retreat hosted and taught by Georgina Smith.

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