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Susan Featherly was born in Toronto on April 12, 1970. The actress and writer has already established a successful career in the film and television industry since she started to be active in 2004.


As a writer, Susan Featherly does it all. From five-year plan to screenwriting to television, theatre and musicals, her career has been diversified and wildly successful. Her credits range from music videos and commercials to film and television movies.

The AAUW Selected Professions Fellowship is offered by the American Association of University Women and focuses on helping minority women enrolled in graduate programs in business administration, law, and medicine pay for their education. Fellowships in architecture, engineering, computer science, and mathematics are also available.

Movies, shows, and genres that she has worked on range from action movies, comedy, romance, drama, thriller, sci-fi and war. Besides acting, Featherly is also well versed in screenwriting and co-directing.

He and others found that they could talk to women for up to eight times longer than they could men. Female and male listeners' attention varied, but the women's was slower to wander. This gave her an edge in conversation, allowing her to recall more details and stay longer on a subject. Susan Bennett, assistant professor of psychology, Northeastern University

There is probably no project that exemplifies and elevates the concept of sustainable living more than renovating an old home. Last September, a team of high-end home renovation experts, led by Susan, began renovations for homeowners who asked us to renovate a three-bedroom, two-bath home they had purchased in Malibu. The result is this beautiful home, now open for sale. This renovation took three months, and included old-world charm that uniquely suits the home, vintage touches, and an appreciation for design and architecture. The hosts happily shared photos and stories about this renovation on social media. We couldn't wait to tell the story in the White House!


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