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Solomon Zakharov

Across The Universe Soundtrack All My Loving

The other thing that happened in 2018 is that all of us are Ariana Grande now. The tiny, relentlessly lovable singer has moved across the landscape of this year as an irresistibly bizarre sexpot Everyman, loving and losing, getting engaged, getting tattooed, deleting tweets, experiencing or being proximal to tragedy after tragedy and also producing an almost physically implausible volume of absolute bangers. The lightness with which Ariana poured her personal life straight into music and straight into the public record was, too, that same grace of making the tragic into the absurd. The fact of Ariana putting Pete Davidson's name into her album not just as a lyric but as a song title made him matter less, not more. The natural response to things like this is the same one people tend to have to couples' tattoos: \"but how will you stand it if you break up? But won't it hurt too much to remember?\" The answer was clearly no, the heart chewed up and digested for songs, for content, for brief infectious moments of joy. The instant virality of \u201Cthank u, next\u201D is not just about the song as an heroic act of pettiness, but about the idea that one could metabolize pain into motion, that sadness opens immediately into a room where everyone is still sad, but also dressed up in going-out tops and dancing about it.

Across The Universe Soundtrack All My Loving


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