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Solomon Zakharov
Solomon Zakharov

Nexus 2 Hollywood Expansion [HOT] Free Download

new features: now you can record while playing, looping and saving sounds as audio files to your device as you go along with your composition. you can also load sounds from your device on the fly for an instant inspiration. *dedicated record button + record automatically + follow free form (loop + record) + autoscroll (while mapping midi + midi on receive) + timbre control for sample (record + load timbre)

nexus 2 hollywood expansion free download

enhancements: - now you can control the entire place and enlarge or shrink the map directly from the interface. - new ui design, now you can collapse the widgets (like grid/history) and don't have to open them each time to navigate. - nexus 2 adds certain levels of module customization (like importing and exporting presets).

fixes: - reverted to new ui design for ipad. - adjusted ui layout to remove unnecessary spaces, aligned windows, and shrink the interface when resized. - fixed two crashes that caused hang on special keys and device memory issues. - fixed an error that happened when saving sample sounds in full pro version. - fixed loading sounds from the device in vst. - fixed a bug that caused an inverted midi channel while recording.

what is a keyboard? it is a lightweight application to send and receive midi data over ip. you can send and receive notes, controllers, and even multiple controllers simultaneously. you can also load and save your device data with any midi compatible host. when you use an external midi controller (like a midi keyboard, midi piano, midi guitar, and so on) that is connected to your computer, you can send and receive midi controller data. best of all, you dont need an expensive external midi controller or interface, you can send and receive controllers and data using a midi keyboard. (you can send and receive multiple controllers at once). you can also send and receive the data using a midi piano or guitar.


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