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The Ultimate Guide to Cracking the Activity Wizard Password in Cisco Packet Tracer

packet tracer is a network simulation tool that allows you to take a virtual walk through the different devices that make up a network, and see how different applications in the network communicate. you can see how different applications are using different devices, and how they interact.

crack activity wizard password cisco packet tracer

after having a look at the code i figured out the qt5 sql library is patched with a file named qsql.nsp. this file contains the sql statements used by packet tracer. by patching the sql library with our own module, we can access the sql library and execute sql commands directly from the qt5 sql library. this is a similar approach that was used to bypass the checkpoint simex in 2017-2018.

having found the sql statement used by packet tracer to inject commands into the database, we created a python module that executes these sql statements. as soon as the breakpoint is triggered, we can take a look at the memory contents of the sql library (qt5 sql library).

having found the sql statements we can now execute them, either in a python script or even in a regular text editor. we can find the python script that does this at the end of the dll that is located in the packet tracer folder. the script is named and is located in c:\users\user\desktop\packet tracer\checkpoints\20200105\

so, how do we verify if the attacker has the correct answers? to do that, we can query the sql database to retrieve the answers we have to verify. the sql statement we want to execute can be found in c:\users\user\desktop\packet tracer\checkpoints\20200105\


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